COVID-19 Response Plan

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Transparency is Important to Our Team

Our top priority is to care for seniors with the respect, compassion, and dignity they deserve. We believe in being transparent with our community while respecting the privacy of our residents, their families, and our staff.

Our goal is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our facilities and to minimize the threat of the virus in our communities.

Our company-wide policies are precautionary steps to reduce risks. Additionally, facility-specific interventions, prevention, and outbreak policies on a case-by-case basis.

Facility leadership regularly reports the facility’s COVID-19 status to corporate leaders who help to provide direction and resources.

Personal Protective Equipment

All staff and residents are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, per CDC guidelines. Residents are provided with face coverings and are encouraged to wear them when they leave their rooms.

Staff Screening

Staff are screened upon arrival for their shift. They answer a series of questions about contact, health status, and travel. A touchless thermal scanner records their temperature. The screening responses are stored digitally and reviewed regularly.

Resident Screening

Residents regularly have their temperatures checked and are routinely checked for COVID-19 related symptoms.

Hand Hygiene

Each care center has increased the number of sanitizing stations throughout the facility. Staff and residents have been educated on proper hand hygiene.

Social Distancing

All residents and staff are educated on proper social distancing practices. We have increased the standard of social distance kept from 6 feet to 8 feet.

Enhanced Housekeeping

Facilities regularly clean high touchpoint areas using CDC recommended cleaning products.

Increased Communication

Facility administration is in regular communication with state and local health authorities.

Weekly COVID-19 Updates:

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Update 09/28/22

Update 09/21/22

Update 09/14/22

Update 09/07/22

Update 08/31/22

Update 08/24/22

Update 08/17/22

Update 08/10/22

Update 08/03/22

Update 07/27/22

Update 07/20/22

Update 07/13/22

Update 07/06/22

Update 06/29/22

Update 06/22/22

Update 06/15/22

Update 06/08/22

Update 06/01/22

Update 05/25/22

Update 05/18/22

Update 05/11/22

Update 05/04/22

Update 04/27/22

Update 04/20/22

Update 04/13/22

Update 04/06/22

Update 03/30/22

Update 03/23/22

Update 03/16/22

Update 03/09/22

Update 03/02/22

Update 02/23/22

Update 02/16/22

Update 02/09/22

Update 02/02/22

Update 01/26/22

Update 01/19/22

Update 01/12/22

Update 01/05/22

Update 12/29/21

Update 12/22/21

Update 12/15/21

Update 12/08/21

Update 12/01/21

Update 11/24/21

Update 11/17/21

Update 11/10/21

Update 11/03/21

Update 10/27/21

Update 10/20/21

Update 10/13/21

Update 10/06/21

Update 09/29/21

Update 09/22/21

Update 09/15/21

Update 09/08/21

Update 09/01/21

Update 08/25/21

Update 08/18/21

Update 08/11/21

Update 08/04/21

Update 07/21/21

Update 07/14/21

Update 07/07/21

Update 06/30/21

Update 06/23/21

Update 06/16/21

Update 06/09/21

Update 06/02/21

Update 05/26/21

Update 05/19/21

Update 05/12/21

Update 05/05/21

Update 04/28/21

Update 04/21/21

Update 04/14/21

Update 04/07/21

Update 03/31/21

Update 03/24/21

Update 03/17/21

Update 03/10/21

Update 03/03/21

Update 02/24/21

Update 02/17/21

Update 02/10/21

Update 02/03/21

Update 01/27/21

Update 01/20/21

Update 01/13/21

Update 01/06/21

Update 12/30/20

Update 12/23/20

Update 12/16/20

Update 12/9/20

Update 12/2/20

Update 11/25/20

Update 11/18/20

Update 11/11/20

Update 11/4/20

Update 10/28/20

Update 10/21/20

Update 10/16/20

Update 8/19/20

Update 8/12/20

Update 8/5/20

Update 7/29/20

Update 7/22/20

Update 7/15/20 & Cohort Annoucemnt

Update for 7/6/20

Update 7/3/20

Update 6/23/20

Update 6/17/20

Update 6/11/20

Update 6/6/20

Update 6/4/20

Update 5/26/20

Update 5/22/20

Update 5/20/20

Update 5/15/20

Update 5/13/20

Update 5/6/20

Connect With Our Skilled Nursing Team

Get peace of mind your loved one is in good hands. Fill out the form below and
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Customer Care Line

Our skilled care team continually seeks ways to improve the quality of care we offer our residents. As a resident or family member, please feel free to contact our customer care line at any time to express concerns, offer advice, or seek assistance with a problem you may have. Your call can be anonymous, and all concerns are reviewed by our customer care team and followed-up on.


Long-Term Care Ombudsman

A long-term care ombudsman helps residents of a nursing facility and residents of an assisted living facility resolve complaints. Help provided by an ombudsman is confidential and free of charge. To speak with an ombudsman, a person may call the toll-free number 1-800-252-2412.

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